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Golden October Welfare

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Can you help make next week the best ever for our pets

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Will it be a golden October for animal welfare

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It s off to a great start On Wednesday 14th October Andrew Rosindell MP was unopposed with the first reading of Jasmine s Law It would give people the right to own pets responsibly in rented accommodation

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Please pat your MP on the back We want MPs to feel confident that the electorate is ready for more pet friendly legislation

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IT COULD BE A HISTORIC WEEK IN PARLIAMENT FOR ANIMAL WELFARE Please make sure your MP knows and is up to speed

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in d e t a b e d e b l Pet Theft wil parliament on h t 19 r e b o t c O Monday e r a f l e W l a im n The A e h t e v a h l il w l Sentencing Bil second reading on d r 3 2 r e b o t c O y Frida

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The Animal Welfare Sentencing Bill 2019 21 or Finn s Law Part 2 as it is better known increases the maximum punishment for animal cruelty from six months to five years It s long overdue

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Can we please make something good come out of 2020 Please encourage your MP to make it a week of animal welfare wins

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You probably know about Finn s Law but let me remind you

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Finn is a hero He loved his job and was very good at it One fateful night an arrest went bad and Finn saved PC Dave Wardell s life

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Finn refused to let go of the criminal despite being repeatedly stabbed with a very long blade

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Before Finn s Law stabbing a police dog was the same in law as breaking the window of a police car it was just criminal damage

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Finn s Law changed that but the shock was that the maximum tariff for animal cruelty was the woefully inadequate term of six months in prison

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Dave and Finn couldn t leave it like that could they So that s why we have FinnsLawPart2 Press the out about ball to find more the book

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Pet Theft is currently a criminal s dream A high reward very low risk crime

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The UK s punishment of animal cruelty is one of the most lenient in the world

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Please encourage your MP to change both things next week

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Pets are part of our extended family sharing our lives and sofas The emotional bond is powerful Our laws should better protect them

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There are so many things we can t change but you can really help by sending one email and encouraging others to do it too

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Please use your voice as the pets don t have one

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All the charities All the stake holders All the pet owners And there are 51 MILLION pets in Britain EVERYONE wants better Pet Theft and Cruelty deterrents

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Please encourage your MP to take an active part in the October 19th Pet Theft debate and to the vote for better sentencing for animal cruelty on Friday October 23rd

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Here s everything your MP needs to know about pet theft reform Press the red button to see it for yourself you ll be shocked or forward your MP this link https midd me Tndu

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The strongest punishment you can get for the most extreme animal cruelty is currently only 6 months one of the lowest punishments for cruelty anywhere in the world Press the green button to get your MPs email address and please urge them to support both welfare initiatives next week

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Paws crossed you will contact your MP and make next week something to celebrate

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Please make your MP feel brave about standing up for our best friends